For the Horde!


Some Elf-lady from World of Warcraft

“For the Horde!!!”. “Sir, there is no need to yell. You can just click either Horde or Alliance” Yes, that’s right. I have succumbed to the dark side of the world that is called World of Warcraft. Guess I am a WC’er now, or a Crafty, or a Warry. I don’t know, man. Don’t judge me, I’m new to all this. What do you call yourself then?

A while ago I was shown what kind of game it was: creatures with freakishly long eyebrows, small posture but weapons twice their sizes and pets ranging from fierce bad-ass firing wolves to an ass-grinding puppy pug. I chose the Horde and specifically a blood-elf posing as a hunter. It suits me more than a Goblin or a big Orc: I too like to walk around with not many clothes on showing my masculinity in its purest form, long ears and unable to grow any sufficient facial hair.


The virtual world is huge beyond your imagination and possibilities endless. The other day I was dragged in to a cave to slay some monsters but in order to get there it took like half an hour. And that was with a ‘mount’. Seriously, who’s naming stuff there? I bought an ADHD blue flamingo and having to call it my ‘mount’ makes me feel like I am assaulting the poor animal in my spare time… But that is just one of many possible mounts you can own. For now, I’m sticking with/to my flamingo. Makes it easier to roam Azeroth and flamboyant.

Isn’t the real world we live in also a little bit like WoW? The construction workers at the corner of the street both laughing and yelling out loud showing their crack as Orcs, those hipsters with their sneakers and ample facial hair as elfs, the chubby kid in class who’s bullying your daughter because secretly he likes her as… Oh come on, we all know that that one is the Goblin. No, in the end we are all different shapes, color and idiosyncrasies having our own adventure however finding the right people to join forces and making a life adventure together.

Perhaps you should try it as well! Because, who can say no to an adventure slaying dragons with an adorable pug?


Not mine, unfortunately


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