Head on

I couldn’t keep it in any longer. The pressure, the sensation, being nervous just thinking about the very first time. Do you have sufficient protection? The walk of shame the morning after… A first-time blog will always be exciting.

Engineer, sarcastic, optimistic-when-I’m-not-pessimistic, easy on the eyes… just a few words that describe me. I am Dennis. 27 physical years of age and according to some people considerably mentally younger. I live by myself in this town in the Netherlands, or Holland, if you don’t like the extra syllable. My messed up brain is the reason I am starting with this blogging: I have this disorder called dystonia and according to a shrink I have autism. Add some bad puns and the result is me.

Starting in 2009 my relationship went to its inevitable end and so did my first studies of Technical Physics. Around thesame time my head began to twitch to the left. (I swear I wasn’t on drugs, no matter what people say!). Quickly it locked in a position where my right ear was touching my right shoulder. I couldn’t move it any other way for 6 months causing a lot of shame feelings and at a certain point being nearly unable to swallow food and drinks. Believe it or not but botox shots were and are my salvation. That’s why I look so young, and stiff… Bad puns keep me going though. I am head-over-heels in love with them. It doesn’t matter how neckered I am, I will always make them.


Who says it doesn’t?

Lots of fellow Dystonians suffer from the symptoms in such a way it makes life a real itch (you’ll come to see lot’s of kiddy-safe swear-words). This blog is to make people aware of our struggles but in specific my own idiot adventure despite my struggles. Which are basically that my head wants to turn left and I have to counteract that. Every second of the day. If you want to experience it: take your left hand and place it on your ear over your head pulling it to the left. Counteract this with your neck muscles as hard as you can. That’s the struggle I am having day in day out. Stress makes it even worse and knowing that I don’t do well in crowded areas ideally I would be safe at home. I don’t want a life being stuck at home so gradually I went outside and tried to make something for myself. At the end of the day I have lots of interests and could not satisfy it by staying at home. I won’t even go into detail about what I can satisfy at home…

Having a job is also a struggle but since I like it I have to find ways to make it as comfortable as possible. “What do you do then?” Fair question. Unfortunately I can’t explain it in 5 words and 1 sentence like any other job: fireman, police officer, AA-meetings-sponsor-assistant… So, I won’t even try. But I can tell you I’m an engineer! And you can trust me on that. Honestly… I like to make stuff, but my struggle with this part is: what to make? I´d love to hear some idiot ideas from you!

Signing off until next time;

The Idiot himself

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  1. Sally · August 6

    Keep up the good work! 🙂


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